Rest In Power Michael!

Earlier this week Michael Morgavo (AKA ‘Mush’ and ‘Maël Bisset’) unexpectedly passed away. Mael was a supporter of Serve the People Pittsburgh and of Red Guards Pittsburgh, and of the U.S. MLM movement in general.

Though comrades in the struggle here only met with him briefly and developed a cut-short relationship based on theoretical exchanges and the shared deeply felt need to change the world through revolution, we still feel it proper and our humbling and somber duty to write this small tribute.

Mael was obviously loved and admired by his friends and family and those in the area’s DJ scene as well as by any comrades who knew and struggled with him.

We pine and our class cries for every comrade, for every revolutionary soldier, for every supporter and also for every friend of the people who passes away. Tighten the grip on the red banner, and carry it higher. Take it up and do not let it down.

When somone as young as Mael dies suddenly, it is often the reflection of some crime of the capitalist-imperialist system: dope, suicide, car crash, lumpen or police violence, and so on. We do not know the circumstances of his death, but whatever the cause we say feel no shame! No one should hang their heads in such moments, not when the sun is just rising now over the hills, silhouette, penumbra, corona, and shining light.

We prepare for war now in your absence, friend.

We encourage our supporters to donate to help alleviate his family’s funeral expenses here.

Red salute,
Red Guards Pittsburgh