#FreeDallas, Free All Political Prisoners, Temper Ourselves in Struggle


“Either a human or pig

Either to survive at any price or

to struggle until death

Either part of the problem or part of the solution

Between the two there is nothing

Victory or death—the people everywhere say that and that is the language of the guerilla”

— from Holger Meins’ last letter

On March 9, federal agents in Austin, TX surrounded and arrested Dallas, a dedicated anti-fascist and Maoist supporter of Red Guards Austin, on several felony charges that were produced in conjunction with the work of an informant. Using “evidence” of hearsay and deliberate fabrication from this single person, the Feds have claimed weapons that are legally registered and that were at his fiancee’s apartment that he doesn’t even live at are actually his.  The prosecutors, unable to produce concrete physical evidence, are in a marriage of convenience with a liar and do not care about witness reliability. This isn’t Dallas’ first rodeo with them – pigs tried to rip Dallas’ head off and broke his neck in multiple places at a rally in November 2016, almost leaving him permanently paralyzed. Surviving and continuing to fight, this is the deeply hated establishments’ next pathetic attempt at using general repression to extinguish successful militant anti-fascism (note—please read Red Guards Austin’s Defend Comrade Dallas and fight for his freedom for more information)

There is much at stake for all anti-fascists in Dallas’ case—APD, TxDPS, FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are firing the opening salvos of Cointelpro 2.0 by targeting allegedly armed anti-fascists and those whose anti-fascism is not just reaction-ism (chasing from rally-to-rally) but based on a more protracted process of engaging communities in resisting fascism. In Austin particularly, where Maoism and revolutionary politics has achieved hegemony over militant anti-fascism, the fight over the gentrifying and Nazi-collaborating Blue Cat Cafe, the numerous mass rallies that RGA organized in tandem with mass organizations like the Revolutionary Student Front, and the response to neo-Confederates and alt-right attempts to march have attracted international reporting and support, but also the fear of the police. Pittsburgh and Austin’s Fraternal Order of Police both endorsed Trump and many, because of the occupational stress that comes with maintaining white supremacy and the property relations of capitalism, know that the violence of fascism which is the same as theirs is never met with docility but with resistance — which is why they are going to such great lengths to criminalize armed anti-fascism. Department of Homeland Security documents leaked to Politico referenced Red Guards along with Redneck Revolt as a worry, and cited RGA’s partisan unit open carrying during one “White Lives Matter” counter demonstration a little over a year ago as one example. They fear it, as one very class conscious senior law enforcement officer claimed, because they know that one day gun shots will ring out between these sides.

Clearly those who’ve brought charges on Dallas and on his fiancee, and that are harassing anyone with even tangential relationships with RGA supporters, are not neutral nor do they pretend to be. Fascists and militias use lethal and often illegal weapons, yet are not harassed anywhere near the degree to which comrades such as Dallas are.

As Charlottesville proves, fascists were the ones who fired their guns and ended the day by murdering someone. RGA declared that they would not remain unarmed while facing an armed enemy, that fascism is organized reactionary violence and that it is hardly unintended when someone is murdered at their demonstrations, and that to defeat fascism we must gain parity on this front so that no one has to unwillingly become a martyr. The state has responded to this declaration (one that has been backed up in action) by targeting those within the anti-fascist movement who are already in a legally precarious position because of past records. The consequence to a conviction of Dallas is a declaration that proximity to firearms while having anti-fascist politics is a thought-crime worthy of up to three decades in a federal dungeon, and the opening up of an array of other political witch-hunts into those who support or are members of groups that open carry at demonstrations.

We will not stand idly by and let our comrades be kidnapped. This system is not interested in arguments on prosecutorial ethics and discovery as it relates to unreliable witnesses; it will always thrive off of informant falsehoods no matter what we scream at them, for if they had incentive to admit the truth then Dallas would be free now. What we will do is give them the incentive to consider the ramifications of locking Dallas up with an international campaign to demand his immediate release and the dropping of all charges, where we show people the role the pigs and FBI plays against our movement. Everyone—from workers at the frank stands and coffee shops the federal agents and judges go to, to our neighbors and theirs—will know their evil works in splitting Dallas from his family and locking him in a dungeon.

Donations are going to be crucial here, as the costs for doing legal defense work and jail support work will be high, as is the cost of building the movement against FBI repression. The fundrazr page was taken down, so donations are recommended to be sent directly through PayPal: avantiguzman@gmail.com.

Stay up to date on local events so you know what’s happening with the case and find out about upcoming events, activities and protests. There will be a fundraising event soon with planned speakers.

Talk to your friends, co-workers and family about the case. Popularize the anti-repression struggle. You must tell the world that resistance should not be a criminal act, but always will be as long as the capitalist dictatorship holds power.

Get your organization to pass a resolution or issue a statement of solidarity with Dallas and revolutionary antifascists in Austin, including the need to make donations directly through PayPal at avantiguzman@gmail.com.

Dallas has a big heart and big love for the people. He has dedicated his life to serving, and struggling with, the people to build resistance against injustice and oppression. In Austin, Dallas was there for many who were struggling through the evils of addiction, always willing to lend an ear to listen. Everyone who knows him can testify to his encouragement in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, to remain positive, and to have faith in the masses. Valuing so many as comrades and friends, he has been a mentor to many in his kindness and intelligence.