For A People’s Front Against Fascism and State Repression: Solidarity with PYO-KC!


We in Red Guards Pittsburgh write to express solidarity with the Progressive Youth Organization (PYO) in Kansas City, including with the student activist who was recently arrested and charged with a felony. These brave young comrades have successfully exposed and resisted the harboring of rapists on campus, have defeated fee increases on undocumented students, and have militantly organized against fascists, only to face direct repression from the Kansas City Pig Department and University of Missouri-Kansas City. This student activist is facing legal attack for the crime of speaking out against the many forces of U.S. imperialism and fascism, just as PYO and other organizations are preparing for President Trump to visit. One activist is even being surveiled by KCPD in the form of a plainsclothes officer in an unmarked car. The FBI and local police Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Force is now involved, revealing that they feel student organizers are terrorists.

These are all tactics used by the state and administration to silence those who demand resistance to their evil policies. Their intense harassment of these young revolutionaries reveals how little in control they are, desperately throwing on un-prosecutable charges and pleading for them to be turncoats on their comrades, for the upcoming visit by the imperialist head of this state.

We know such reactionary plans already have and will fail, torrents of rage will fill the streets of Kansas City, in part due to the efforts of PYO and other organizations there. Fascism and its plans to make this society a human death factory will collapse under the weight of its own sins.

We ask our supporters to know that if we want to be able to fight fascism, we must keep people out of the prisons it aspires to lock us all in!

Please donate what you can at the link here for the arrested comrade.