Call to Action!


Get Organized and Prepared for Neo-Nazi Patriot Front and Keystone State Skinhead Presence!

No Fascism Allowed in Our Neighborhoods!

Just months ago Paul Morris, a Black community member of Avalon, survived an attack by multiple members of a group that calls themselves Keystone State Skinheads. This is a neo-Nazi organization that is behind terrorizing Jews and oppressed nationality people and that was behind the murder of two homeless men as well. Recently Patriot Front, another neo-Nazi group, started putting up posters and stickers in Lawrenceville, the Strip, Bloomfield, Squirrel Hill, and Shadyside. Patriot Front – a break-off from Vanguard America – marched in the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville and has disrupted anti-Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Occupations by violently attacking the occupiers. In some of Patriot Front’s posters they’ve put the anonymous tipster hotline for ICE, urging those reading it to turn in our neighbors and co workers on the basis of their suspected legal status.


One of the many stickers and flyers Patriot Front put up, defending white supremacy and colonialism (source: Filler Zine & Distro)

Fascism is here because imperialism is in decline, imperialist de-industrialization has left us without jobs and without hope, leading many members of the financially strapped ‘middle class’ to be won over to a reactionary ideology that says the reason the white working class and youth are so hopeless is because of oppressed nation people and immigrant workers, and that only through a return to the years of indigenous genocide, lynching, slavery and the disenfranchisement and deeper entrenchment of the abuse and ownership of women by men, can “America” ever be made “great” again. These same recruits to Fascism are those that will become more institutional oppressors – real estate speculators, landlords, police officers, bankers and bosses – once they graduate from Pitt or Carnegie Melon. It also should come to no surprise that the appearance of Patriot Front propaganda is happening in tandem with the neighborhoods they’ve appeared in being made more of a playground for the rich. The neighborhoods they have attempted to recruit in are being slowly made into heavily-policed shoppers’ islands, more specifically, a middle- and upper capitalist-class shoppers island.

We are urging for our friends in mass organizations and elsewhere to go on a radical antifascist offensive! We can not afford to be reactive, showing up at rallies on grounds of combat that the enemy themselves have chosen, events that they only seldom have when they choose to crawl from the dark sewers they hide in to publicly push their evil ideology above ground. We ask for the organization of mass meetings of concerned community members where the problem is discussed, and where rapid response teams and patrols can be formed to remove their propaganda and find where they are originating from, to be organized as soon as possible! Confronting them now on a community level – before it’s too late – is our only choice!

Red Guards Pittsburgh

September 16, 2018


Sign that appeared in Polish Hill with hung rat attached to it, saying “Nazi Keystone Skins & Patriot Front: Death Awaits.”