Boycott Ends – The Struggle Continues


Here, as is always, we’ve seen the sham of elections play out again.

Democracy under imperialism is just a dictatorship by another name. It’s a sham because it couldn’t be “won” by the people. It happens every two to four years because the ruling class is consistently determined to maintain its own (parasitic, backward) position. This desperate kind of peddling is pushed and shoved down people’s throats. The basic corruption of capitalist elections is not “democratic” – it’s evidence of a state seeking desperately for a mandate to continue existing.

Lawrence Gumberg, the infamous developer who destroyed Penn Plaza building and violently displaced oppressed nationality working class residents to make room for petty bourgeois and bourgeois newcomers, gave money to Democratic senator Bob Casey. Subsequently many reformist and liberal organizations, along with bourgeois unions like the United Steelworkers, also urged a vote for him. Some “left” progovernment Social Democrats tried to push to “get the people out” to vote for this rotten system as a “harm reduction” effort, revealing their class stand. All are united by their willingness to collaborate with the enemy.

Indeed there were some people who have hoped again and again for easy solutions — satisfying reforms, peaceful transition to new and more just arrangements, liberation as concession (that doesn’t necessarily reject a whole political apparatus and norms of class power). But the reality is that oppression is entrenched and tenacious, and it needs to be fought all around us. It bribes, corrupts and organizes its defenders every season. It’s built as a powerful apparatus of lies and extreme violence. It has internal allies and benefactors who play into its “left” flavorings to painfully attempt to draw people in.

But the electioneers attempts failed. 59% of people did not come out at all because they rightfully see the uselessness of electioneering. This represents a passive boycott that we vow to continue to work to turn into an active one! The election boxes must be set aflame and the Old State must be smashed. There are many local revolutionary mass organizations that are taking up combative struggles to generate and increase over time the capacity of the masses to fight. The revolutionary and potentially revolutionary masses are itching for a fight as contradictions tighten.

The revisionists are like someone telling a person stuck in an abusive relationship with perhaps multiple people that they should stay with the person who beats the shit out of them the least, instead of leaving and finding a new and healthy way of life. That’s the logic of electoralism and its tone deaf calls.

We’ve taken the fight to them this season and we will do it the next – with increased numbers and ferocity in action. We see what we are doing as preparatory work for building the New State, through reconstituting the Communist Party, building the People’s Army, and constructing the New State.


Picture from capitalist media reporting on “irresponsible” slogans from revolutionaries on boycott


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